Custom Home Builder in Markham

Custom homes built by Lumara Homes are exceptional in every way. As top Markham custom home builders, we specialize in building luxurious homes that are modern, stylish, and practical. And because we understand that the ideal home varies from client to client, we’ll work closely with you to build a custom home that incorporates your unique needs and preferences.

Building your dream custom home in Markham begins with hiring renowned builders who have the experience, skill and insight to carry out your vision.

Custom Home Building Services

Proper planning is critical to the success of your house project. Our team takes the time to fully understand your vision. We recognize that building a home is a collaboration between us and our clients, so we work diligently to ensure we keep you at the forefront of every design, schedule and budget decision during the planning phase and only proceed with your stamp of approval.

Staying organized through the construction process requires strong leadership skills. With Lumara Homes, you can be certain that every aspect of the building process will be handled with utmost care and to the highest standards of quality. We prioritize safety for you and our contractors and enforce best practices to keep construction sites safe and secure 24/7.

At Lumara Homes, we don’t just talk about going the extra mile, our services reflect our unwavering commitment to our clients. That’s why we guarantee our work through Tarion and will help you apply for rebate programs.

Why Choose Lumara Homes

In-house Team of Professionals

Our team of professionals is united in our approach to each project and has experience working with one another. With shared core values and goals, we leverage our strengths and have established effective communication that achieves a smooth process and a superior outcome.

Clear Communication

We believe you should know exactly what’s going on with your project at any given time. So we keep you informed about the progress and keep communication lines open so you’re fully aware of every aspect of your Markham project.

Licensed & Insured

As custom home builders in Markham, we believe our clients deserve the best. That’s why all the professionals on our team are fully licensed and insured. This allows you to place utmost confidence and trust in our team.


You’ll never have to worry about subpar work because quality work is one of the hallmarks of Lumara Homes. We guarantee our workmanship through Tarion and offer post-construction support through Lumara Home Care.

100% Customer Satisfaction

 At Lumara Homes, your satisfaction is our top priority. From beginning to end, we keep you first. We will not rest until you are completely satisfied with your new home.

Contact Lumara Homes

If you are ready to start your project or still have concerns, give us a call – we are here to answer your questions.

Lumara Home Care

In Markham, we are proud to provide robust post-construction services and support to keep your home in top shape. Our post-construction care services include.

  • Customized Inspections
    Our team will conduct regular inspections of your roof, HVAC system, plumbing and electrical systems, and other structural features.
  • Maintenance and Repairs
    Staying on top of your home’s repair and replacement needs is key. Allow our team to perform essential tasks like weather stripping, air filter replacement, gutter cleaning, and more.
  • HVAC Servicing
    Servicing your HVAC system periodically will keep it functioning optimally.
  • Plumbing and Electrical Expertise
    Having your plumbing and electrical systems inspected and updated as needed contributes to a safe and well-maintained home.

Ready to Build Your Custom Home in Markham?

Your home should be uniquely yours. Lumara Homes takes your needs and preferences into account when designing your home, collaborates with you, and is invested in your satisfaction. Go with the top custom home contractor Markham has to offer.

When you partner with Lumara Homes, you’ll have a construction company that operates with the highest level of integrity and custom home mastery. Contact us today to get started on your custom home.

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