What Is Design-Build?

Design-Build is a collaborative approach to building homes. The process combines the design and construction stages into one contract.

This eliminates the need for multiple contracts between the homeowner, architect, designers, contractor, and subcontractors.

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Design-Build vs. Design Bid Build

During the Design-Build process, a single contractor is responsible for both the build and design aspects of a project. One contractor works directly with the client from the beginning stages of the project all the way to the end. Design-Build services improve communication and eliminate the stress of managing budgets for multiple contractors and subcontractors.

The design-bid process involves a clear separation between the build and design phases. Initially, homeowners hire a design team to develop architectural plans and specifications. Once the design is complete, the bidding process begins. Different contractors submit their bids for the construction work and the homeowner chooses a contractor based on their bid price and qualifications.

Design-Build in Toronto

Our Design-Build Toronto services focus on every detail, from conceptualizing the architectural design to applying the final finishes. We remove the stress of contractor bidding and replace it with a headache free construction journey that puts the enjoyment back into building a custom home. With our years of project management experience, you can trust us to complete your project on-time and within budget. The following services are included in our Design-Build Toronto construction services:

Our team of architects will collaborate with you to design your new custom home to match your lifestyle and personality.

Our skilled engineers will carefully plan and execute the structural elements of your project to guarantee the structural integrity of your home and your safety.

Our in-house team of electricians, plumbers, and tradesmen build and design your home with enhanced quality control.

We handle the complicated process of acquiring permits and approvals, ensuring that your project meets all necessary regulations and requirements.

Our team will oversee every stage of your project, ensuring it remains on schedule and within budget.

Our talented interior designers create spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and reflective of your individual style.

Our Design-Build Process

Our Design-Build Toronto services involve more steps than traditional design-bid project because our team handles every detail from concept design to post-construction clean-up. Our build and design process consists of eight phases:

  • Discovery session
  • Architectural design development
  • Municipal approval
  • Floor plans
  • Design alignment
  • Construction
  • Delivery
  • Post construction care

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Lumara Homes has knowledgeable, experienced, and resourceful Design-Build contractors who bring your vision to life. We promise a hassle-free build and design experience, with exceptional quality and personalized customer service. Contact Lumara Homes today for more information on how our Design-Build Toronto services can benefit you.

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