Excellent Ideas for Your Next Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen remodel is a great opportunity to inject some personality into a space while tailoring the room to suit your needs. Are you considering a complete kitchen makeover? Check out this fantastic kitchen remodel ideas first! From traditional to modern kitchen remodels, we’ve got you covered.

Ideas for Your Next Kitchen Remodel

Durable and Practical Floors

  • Sheet vinyl – sheet vinyl is a popular option as it’s easy to clean, resistant to water, cost-effective, and comfortable to walk and stand on. One downside to sheet vinyl is that heavier appliances can leave indentations on the floor. The material comes as one large sheet cut to fit properly, meaning there are no seams that water can penetrate. 
  • Porcelain tile – this is another material that is waterproof and durable, as well as stain resistant. However, there will need to be upkeep as the seams between the tiles will need to be resealed from time to time.
  • Engineered vinyl plank – this material is popular because it is very DIY-friendly and looks a lot like real hardwood. But like sheet vinyl, heavier appliances can leave dents on the floor. 
  • Stone tile – this non-slip, natural surface offers a luxurious feel. However, it is an expensive material that requires routine maintenance in order to avoid the surface from staining. 
  • Cork – this is a great material for DIYers looking at cost-effective flooring options. Cork is a good option for those looking for a soft and warm flooring material that is budget-friendly. Just be careful as heavy objects can scratch it.
Durable and Practical Floors
Choose the Right Kitchen Island

Choose the Right Kitchen Island

A multifunctional kitchen island can really improve the functionality of a kitchen. An island is a great way to add seating and counter space. Electrical outlets can be strategically placed around the island for ease of use.

Some homeowners will even remove a wall to add a kitchen island and capitalize on the additional storage space this provides. The versatility of the island should not be overlooked.

High Cabinetry

For homeowners looking for additional storage space, high cabinetry is important to consider. A 42-inch upper cabinet can provide a significant amount of additional space – sometimes up to 25 percent.

And with today’s design options, there are a number of ways to utilize this space without struggling with the height.

High Cabinetry ideas
kitchen Tiles for the Backsplash

Tiles for the Backsplash

Never overlook the importance of a backsplash. A tiled backsplash is a cost-effective way to not only protect your walls but to improve the visual aesthetic of the kitchen.

This waterproof material will ensure water from the sink and messes from cooking are easy to clean without damaging the underlying material. 

Tiles for the Backsplash

Extra Storage

A kitchen remodel is a great opportunity to add some much-needed storage options to your kitchen. Consider installing a blind corner cabinet, and make use of a Lazy Susan to really maximize storage space. Blind corner cabinets with pullout shelving is another great option to have a functional storage space. This is also a great opportunity to consider pantry space and make room for this if desired.

kitchen Extra Storage

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There are a few vital factors to consider when taking on a kitchen remodel – storage space, kitchen islands, durable flooring, and a tiled backsplash are just a few staples that every kitchen design should at the very least consider.

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