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If you love your neighbourhood, then there’s no better to be. Moving is not always the solution – sometimes all you need is a full home renovation to suit your changing needs. 

Starting a home renovation in Toronto can be an overwhelming task at first. Although it’s a time consuming process and an emotional committment, it’s well worth the investment once you see the final results. 

Lumara Homes and our team of home renovation contractors are here to unburden that load and make the process seamless. Our designers and home renovation contractors have years of experience in the industry completing full-home renovation projects. Any house design or architectural features you dream of, we can build it.

Discover What We Specialize In Home Renovations

Lumara Homes is a premium home building and renovation company serving Toronto and the GTA.

We specialize in various renovations including full house renovations, penthouse renovations, main floor renovations and all-inclusive complete home renovation services.

All-Inclusive Complete Home Renovation Services

Full House Renovations

At Lumara Homes, we are the experts in full house renovations. With every project, we assign a dedicated project management team for quality control. Your project manager will be your point of contact for regular updates on the home, the status of the project, scheduling, notification of delays and more. We understand the local bylaws and we guarantee to take care of the entire permit process for you. Our talented team of in-house architects and engineers will ensure better quality control and can provide limitless remodeling designs. This means you don’t have to worry about managing different trades – we do that for you so you can enjoy the renovation experience.

Make your first impression count with a full home renovation by Lumara Homes. We specialize in Toronto home renovations and provide a cohesive flow with the rest of the main floor. In our latest project, this 5,500 sq ft home was transformed into a modern yet luxurious space with marble incorporated in multiple rooms, light grey flooring, and a classic black and white colour scheme. 

Discover more tips to plan the perfect full home renovation.

Penthouse Renovations

Transform your space with captivating penthouse renovations and condo renovations by Lumara Homes. Our team is knowledgeable in all aspects of the condo renovation process including an in-depth understanding of condo board regulations and obtaining the necessary permits. We are responsible for the transportation and disposal of all materials during the renovation. We also understand how to optimize the space to ensure that you achieve the design you want. 

In this project, we provided a full penthouse renovation tailored to our customer’s specifications. From the luxury fireplace to the rich wood cabinetry, there’s nothing our team can’t handle. 

Get inspired with our modern Full Penthouse Renovation.

Main Floor Renovations

We offer a wide range of main floor renovations at Lumara Homes. Our project management team is committed to you and your needs and will answer any questions you have. We have extensive knowledge of local bylaws and promise to obtain all necessary permits. With our in-house team of architects and engineers, we guarantee a high level of quality control and an abundance of renovation designs to choose from.

 In our latest main floor renovation, we took our client’s unique vision for their home and brought it to life. We featured a combination of neutrals and bold colours and successfully integrated them throughout the home.

All-Inclusive Complete Home Renovation Services

Our team is ready to make your dream home a reality. From townhouses to penthouses and 6,500 sq ft homes and more, we can do it all.

We specialize in high-end custom home renovations and offer innovative designs, construction management services, space planning, plumbing HVAC planning, architectural drawings, electrical design development and interior design. A renovated home is not complete without complete furnishing and home styling.

Required Documents for Your Home Renovations Toronto

There are many different documents to complete for a home renovation in Toronto. From plumbing and drain permits to site plans, our team at Lumara Homes has you covered. 

We take care of all the necessary documents required including:

Demonstrates current and intended uses of all spaces for each level of the home including the location of plumbing fixtures, smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.

Shows details like the current and intended building construction and requirements for all roofs, walls, and floors. It also shows footing and foundation wall information, height measurements for floor to floor, floor to ceiling, the overall building and more.

Provides a detailed survey or site plan, dimensions and location of current or intended buildings, permitted and proposed zoning provisions and an indication of driveways, parking areas, landscape treatments, etc.

These include a layout of the mechanical system on each floor and various mechanical details like the location, size and type of equipment required, calculations for heat loss and heat gain, etc.

These permits require detailed drawings of the plumbing and related fixtures located on each floor of the home.

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Home Renovation Company in Toronto

Lumara Homes is committed to you and your home. Your home renovation project will include a series of designers, developers, contractors, and other members of our team for support to ensure every phase and detail of the project is rightfully accounted for with only the high level of respect and attention you deserve.

We are crafting your dream home after all! It’s only right we take the time to communicate and hear your needs.

Stress-Free Home Remodeling

Every project begins with our team understanding what exactly you want from your home renovations so we can plan accordingly. From the initial consultation, our designers and construction team will create CAD drawings, and budget estimates, and express other specifications that are worth knowing before we commence an action.

Once all the permits, design concepts and drawings are approved, we will work on spending the weeks ahead crafting the perfect home. Lumara Homes promises a more relaxed experience, saving you the stress and headache other renovation companies will endure their clients through. By adhering to your budgets, obtaining all necessary permits and licensing, and securing quality materials and supplies, we can ensure whether it is a full home renovation or a partial renovation, that we have the experience and resources to complete the project to the fullest.

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Home Remodeling With Lumara Homes

When you need a professional home renovation company in Toronto, you can count on Lumara Homes. We specialize in net zero homes, innovative designs and complete design build services for any type of home remodeling, from penthouse renovations, main floor renovations to townhouse renovations and more. Start with a Discovery Session today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We are fully licensed and insured, giving you the confidence that your project is covered in the event of a mishap. Learn more about our warranty and Lumara Home Care.

Yes. During the Discovery phase, we’ll navigate you through the necessary renovations required to bring your dream home to life along with providing expert insight on the renovations that will increase your property value. Check out the top 5 renovations we recommend that will add value to your home.

Generally, building is more expensive than the cost of home renovation. But if your home is old, has some structural issues but you would like to keep the exterior, renovating may be more economical.

We begin with an initial consultation, design development, project scheduling, construction, and then post-construction work. Discover more about our in-depth process here.

Yes you will need permits for your home renovation. Worry not, Lumara Homes takes care of all the permits and documents required to create an enjoyable experience for your home transformation.

It is unlikely that you will be able to stay in the house during the renovation. In reality, complete home renovations will be disruptive and there may be times that you won’t have access to the bedroom or kitchen and we may turn off water and electricity.

To ensure a smooth home renovation process, once we finalize the schedule, we recommend making other arrangements to stay.