The Lumara Homes team is committed to delivering projects that exceed our clients’ expectations. Through our collaboration during the pre-construction process, we are able to provide valuable insight and support on how best to navigate critical points like planning and budgeting in order to minimize risk exposure while maximizing design options tailored specifically toward meeting all preferences.

The more detailed your design documentation, the easier it will be to manage a construction project. You can ensure that all details are incorporated into one document and not lost during building – preserving efficiency while maintaining quality control over what gets built exactly how you want!

Lumara Homes guarantees your development projects are planned with care and attention. Using our industry knowledge and many years of expertise, we will help you make the best decisions for your project. We’ll provide cost estimates and guidance throughout every step so that it fits within budget- without sacrificing quality or functionality.

Financial savings are realized by taking an analytical approach to our projects from the start. We know what needs doing and how, which saves time in project management as well as money on costs for unnecessary items or over-expenses. We ensure that every dollar gets utilized to its maximum potential.

Time is of the essence in any custom home construction project. Our team will develop a clear timeline for your project, aligning design and development resources to ensure that cohesive decisions can be made and project progress remains swift.

You can rest assured that no matter what your budget is or how much space you have available for development – our professional guidance will allow making the best use of both.

Pre-Construction Management | Client Benefits

Our pre-construction management services are accompanied by a wide suite of client benefits, including:

  • Team Roadmap
    Lumara Home has everything in-house that’s needed. We always ensure our team is comprised of top talent and provide them with an understanding of what makes each other unique so they can work seamlessly together on meeting all goals for this particular client or job at hand. With an upfront understanding from all parties involved, we can offer unparalleled service to bring any dream into reality!
  • Design Alignment
    Design alignment implies that we’ll explore different features of your design and consider how they will impact your budget so it’s aligned with what really matters for success. Our experts know exactly where their expertise can make an incredible difference in getting everything just right (and staying within cost guidelines).
  • Project Scheduling
    Our team will develop comprehensive, realistic schedules that take into consideration the various permits, approvals and construction activities required for your project’s success. We focus on crafting an absolutely beautiful home with sufficient time delivery.
  • Construction Planning
    Lumara Homes has an exclusive network of top-tier professionals and manufacturers that will ensure quality workmanship on every project. Building a strong team is one way we can ensure your project remains within our allotted financial and time budgets.

Lumara Homes will take a leadership role during your project’s construction stage and remain responsible for synchronizing activities across the entire site. Our team has developed proprietary systems and operational protocols to ensure proper communication among all parties, as well as smooth progress in our workmanship.

This means that once it begins – whether you’re building from scratch or renovating an existing home – we’ll stay on top of progress.

With us, each step of the construction project is progressed with a focus on the budget requirements in place. Once developed, our team will be able to use the financial markers and expert support to deliver your project exactly as you expect it.

During the construction phase, we’ll provide enhanced accountability and transparency to help you stay informed about the progress of your project. We understand that it’s important for you to have timely, detailed project progress updates, and we have systems in place to provide consistent, thorough debriefings and updates along the way.

A custom home construction project is a team effort. We’ll manage the team – both on- and off-site – throughout the entire construction process. This includes coordination, supervision, and tracking as needed.

Safety is our top priority, and we’ll adhere to every safety standard in place to minimize the potential for worker injury on-site. This focus on safety will allow your project to progress without delay.

Construction Management | Client Benefits

Our construction management services are accompanied by a comprehensive suite of client benefits, including:

  • Access to Client Portal
    Lumara Homes is committed to providing you with the tools and resources necessary for successful projects. The interactive Client Portal gives insight into all aspects of your project, including approval processes that are specific to each phase or stage of your construction.
  • Time Management Oversight
    Your project will be handled by our professional team, who work with you on a daily basis to ensure that your needs are met in an efficient manner. We’ll establish clear deadlines and timelines for each of the important milestones throughout construction so there is no confusion or missed steps along the way.
  • Quality Control Check-Ins
    We’ll monitor the quality of your project from start to finish – completing regular checks of materials and finished products. It is our priority to deliver your project in compliance with the detailed plans and specifications set out at the project start.
  • Budget Monitoring
    Our focus on budget monitoring will allow us to regularly assess project spending and determine when adjustments need to be made for the sake of remaining within budget. Daily, weekly, and monthly reviews will be done to ensure success.
  • Unforeseen Issue Management
    No construction project is perfect. We have standardized systems established to help manage any unforeseen issues, with flexible solutions to minimize any circumstances that can influence your project.

Here at Lumara Homes, we strive to build long-term relationships with our clients. We are committed to assisting you in maintaining your investment with continuing post-construction care and support services. We recognize that property maintenance is an integral part of ownership, so once the project has been completed we are always within reach for our clients.

Our focus is on supporting the long-term success and stability of your new investment. With our regular maintenance and support services, you’ll be able to maintain the quality that was delivered at project completion well into the future.

On top of our promise of the highest quality materials and performance, we offer regular maintenance and repair services to help you keep your project in top condition.

Although the project is complete, the work is never done. The Lumara Homes team will always be available to make small adjustments, changes, and fixes.

Relax moving forward with an understanding that you have the continued support of a construction team who truly understands your preferences, tastes, and expectations. From small fixes to larger adjustments, we’ll be here to ensure you enjoy your property for years to come.

Lumara Home Care

Our ongoing support, care, and maintenance are vital to preserving the function and beauty of your newly built space over time. We recognize that clients’ needs are far from standardized, which is why we offer Lumara Homes Membership Program™, tailored care solutions to meet any needs your property may have.